Freemasonry in Broadstairs

This is the home page for Freemasonry held in the Broadstairs Masonic Hall

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The first step is to join a Craft Lodge:

Either go direct to a Craft Lodge or use the link below to Just Ask One website

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About Freemasonry in Thanet

It is hoped that this website will be of use to the Freemasons who meet in Broadstairs and also give an insight to those considering becoming a Freemason. The information contained herein is available from other sources, but by bringing it all together should be a valuable go-to resource.

Freemasonry is popular in Thanet with Masonic Centres in Birchington, Broadstairs, Margate, Ramsgate and Westgate-on-Sea. All Freemasons are members of a Craft Lodge, of which there are seventeen in Thanet. Once a Freemason becomes a Master Mason he can then expand his knowledge of the fraternity by becoming a member of any of the other Orders - Chapter, Mark degree, Royal Ark Mariners degree or various other orders. All Masonic organisations available in Thanet can be found at the Thanet Masonry website and can be contacted through an on-line form.

If you have come to this site with a view to becoming a Freemason and wish to join a Lodge in Broadstairs, then contact either Bradstow, Kingsgate or Stella Maris Lodge. A contact form is available for all Masonic Orders that meet at Broadstairs. If you are uncertain about a specific Lodge, but would still like to become a Freemason, then go to the Just Ask One website where the information that you give will direct you to the most appropriate Lodge for you.